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Pink Sugar


Welcome to my Prophetic Author Space!  I am excited that you chose to spend time in a new perspective with me.  My writings are originated with the partnership of The Holy Spirit!  He has been my guide within every non-fiction manuscript, as I testify to the TRUTH as God gives it to me.  Yes, I am a Witness!

I pray that you gain a new perspective and insight from every book.  I hope the TRUTH in this book, compel you to have a desire deeper than any other desire in getting to know The Father, The Son Jesus Christ, and The Holy Spirit in that order.

My Story

Yet I Rise: A Woman’s Transformational Story About Breaking Free and Changing Her Circumstances

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The struggle to escape your circumstances and transform the future is at the heart of human pursuit.

In Yet I Rise you will follow Lezlie’s fight against fear and ignorance. Born into poverty, she found a higher power and surrendered to the metamorphosis that shaped her into a stronger and successful woman.

With her newfound faith, she was able to free herself from those circumstances and now she wants to help you do the same.
She shares her experience to help others change, grow, and rise!

Lezlie Roberts


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.


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