CEO Lezlie Roberts

My family has endured and has overcome the hardships from the habits and addictions of a disease called dysfunction. We have visited the valleys of life, and we have also been on the mountain tops at times. What we have learned during our journey is that whether we are in a low place or having an exciting experience on high, our mindset and attitude determines our present and future. We have learned that it is our RESPONSIBILITY to choose to open up our minds and hearts to a "new perspective." You are who you believe you are. You cannot go where you do not believe you can go. God can heal your family from ANYTHING, just like he is healing my family.

Our Team

A Variety of Services at Your Fingertips

If you've been searching for a life coach in Powder Springs, GA or a surrounding area, you've come to the right place. A New Perspective Life Coaching Center offers a variety of consulting, spa,  and wellness services that can transform your body, mind, and spirit.


Our consulting services can coach you through your Christian Soul Walk, your personal soul-searching, your relationship or marriage, or your career. We also offer business consultation services, which can help you make your business more functional and organized. Our spa services include meditation, foot detoxification, infrared treatment, and wax treatment. We have several non-surgical wellness services as well, such as liposuction, skin tightening, and cupping. You can also receive an eye, hand, foot, or leg massage.


A New Perspective Life Coaching Center has all the services you're looking for and more. Connect with a trusted life coach in Hiram, GA today